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We have been on since march 2015 helping hundreds learn the piano by Ear, providing free notes,audios and video aids as well as providing answers to those terrific questions most Beginners ask.


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Our Lessons are constantly being reviewed and updated to standard by seasoned music educators. While writing each Lesson, we ensure it’s being broken down in the most simple form to aid easy comprehension and retention. The graphics and videos makes it much more fun therefore it’s suitable for adults as well as kids above 7.


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What are Music Intervals?
Introduction to music intervals In music the relationship between two notes will often refer to its interval. Interval in music
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Your First Songs
A little fun with the Notes I forgot to tell you in the previous lesson that the 7 unique notes
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What are Music Notes?
Notes of Music Every single key of the keyboard has 7 unique notes embedded in them. This means that: Key
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Locate Keys with Speed
Keys Part 2 (locating keys) Being able to locate and name keys quickly is one of those qualities of a
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How Keys are Named
Keys Part 1 (Key Names) From the previous lesson we stated that irrespective of whether the entire keyboard has 88keys,76
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Piano Overview
Know Your Piano The Piano is basically a music instrument with numerous numbers of black and white keys. Each of
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What are Music Building Blocks?
Basic Elements of Music We have three basic elements of Music. Music isn’t really complete without all these elements. If
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Music is a Language
Music as a language Consider this paragraph now. It consists of Alphabets which form words and then words that forms
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What is Music?
It’s All About Music The Piano is simply a musical instrument and if we are really going to learn it
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Your Motives
What motivates you? Now I really want to know something from you. You might say it’s not my business but
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