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We have been on since march 2015 helping hundreds learn the piano by Ear, providing free notes,audios and video aids as well as providing answers to those terrific questions most Beginners ask.


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Our Lessons are constantly being reviewed and updated to standard by seasoned music educators. While writing each Lesson, we ensure it’s being broken down in the most simple form to aid easy comprehension and retention. The graphics and videos makes it much more fun therefore it’s suitable for adults as well as kids above 7.


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The Circle of 4ths and 5ths
Introduction to the Circle of Fifths and Fourths I remember vividly that I was soaking garri and groundnuts for lunch
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Popular Intervals to know
Common Intervals to know Now you have known what an interval is and how to use semitones and tones to
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We all want to be Fast and Accurate
Making it Fast Making things fast is very easy with the metronome. Everyone knows that, “A person who completes a
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The Power of a Metronome
The time Machine (Rhythmic aspect of music) Time is a very key factor of our daily activities whether in school,
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The Chromatic Scale
What is Chromatic Scale? I was first intimidated by the name when I first saw it but this stuff is
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The Minor Scale
What about Minor scale? Curious students will always ask this question “if there be a Major scale then what about
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How to play all 12 Major scales
Proper Finger techniques for all 12 Major Scales on both hands To know how to place our fingers to play
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All 12 Major Scales
All 12 Major scales & Key signatures Now here are all the 12 major scales since we now know how
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The Major scale
What is a scale? A scale is just a sequence of notes i.e a group of notes played one after
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Tones and Semitones
Tones and Semitones We have units of measurement of intervals in music just as we do for our common math
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