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We have been on since march 2015 helping hundreds learn the piano by Ear, providing free notes,audios and video aids as well as providing answers to those terrific questions most Beginners ask.


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Our Lessons are constantly being reviewed and updated to standard by seasoned music educators. While writing each Lesson, we ensure it’s being broken down in the most simple form to aid easy comprehension and retention. The graphics and videos makes it much more fun therefore it’s suitable for adults as well as kids above 7.


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You saved me drills
KEY C   KEY F KEY Bb   KEY Eb   KEY Ab   KEY Db   KEY Gb  
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2-5-1 drills
The 2-5-1 chord progression is a very popular chord progression used in various types of music. It’s used in Gospel,Jazz,Reggae,Rock
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What are chord progressions?
Chord Progression Basics In previous lessons we have covered a few topics on scales and chords but right here we
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What is a Diminished Triad?
Diminished Triad Most time I prefer to relate the diminished triad with our regular minor triads because it’s just only
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You need to know minor chords too
The Minor Triad The minor chords are built on the 2nd, 3rd and 6th scale degree of any major scale.
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What are Major Chords?
The Major Triad The Major triad as we stated earlier are built from the major scale. They are the 1,4
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Introduction to basic chords
What is a Chord? A chord is simply two or more notes played together (simultaneously). We can recall from the
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Major scale degrees
Scale degrees in the Major Scale Yup! We can name each note of the major scale (tonic solfa) using what
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The Number System
The number system Having known a lot about scales, it is important to know that every member (note) of these
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Let’s Rotate on the Circle of 4ths
The 12 keys drill This is the starting point for a drill on the circle of 4ths. You will simply
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